Julien Bertazzo Lambert

Full Stack Developer - Student @ UofT

I've been working as a Full Stack Web Devloper for the Ontario Ministry of Health for over half a year. In my free time I love to make my own projects. Web Development is my specialty, but I love trying new technologies!


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University of Toronto
3rd Year
Computer Science & Economics

Current Role:

Ontario Ministry of Health
May 2021 - Present
Full Stack Developer

Experienced In:

Web Development
Open Source
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Developing in:






My Projects:

Meal Planner demo

Technologies used:

Typescript Node.js React MongoDB


Organize your meals. Save time, food and money!

Use our services to keep track of what you plan to eat when, and what you have in your pantry. We organize your meals and ingredients to make shopping a breeze. Eliminate waste, save time and money, try MealPlanner today!


Supercharge your to-do list! Prioritize your tasks like a pro.

We use the Eisenhower Matrix to help you organize your tasks. Simply place them in the respective quadrant based on importance and urgency, and when it's time to work you'll know just what to do. Collaborate easily with any number of users on the same board. Try FourQuadrant by clicking the link below!

Four Quadrant demo

Technologies used:

Javascript Socket.io Node.js HTML/CSS

Technologies used:

Javascript Python FastApi CockroachDB HTML/CSS

Rain Machine

A Javascript library and API to easily display live weather.

The box above is showing a pure-css animation of the current weather in my hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba! This project gives you an easy way to include weather animations in your site using either specified or live conditions. Try it out by typing a city in the box below and click learn more to see a full demo.

This project was made using an API template I created to help developers get an API up and running quickly. To learn more click here


The easiest dynamic list elements. Your users will thank you later.

A small javascript library which provides simplicity for developers and an intuitive experience for users. Collect a dynamic list of inputs with only a few lines of code! All kinds of input, as well as easy custom validation are supported. Try it youself below and click the link to learn more.

ListExtender demo

Technologies used: